So we have come to this

Another day in journalism integrity:  This morning on Way Too Early, Willie Giest highlighted the Megyn Kelly/Kirstin Powers takedown.  After introducing “Kristin” as a “Fox employee“, failing to mention that she is a democrat political analyst,  he announce the clip was about “the New Black Panthers.”  Apparently on MSNBC the Justice Department involvement is not worthy of mention.  I guess we know where Brad Sherman gets his news.

Drudge is awash in Obama-crashing headlines:

Meanwhile,in the world of liberal news, everything is fine, and anyone who doesn’t believe that is a racist.  Just ask the NAACP which passed its “the tea party is racist” resolution last night.

Roger Simon reports that Congressman  Frank Wolf (R-VA) sent a letter to the inspector general of the U. S. Department of Justice asking for an investigation of the DOJ and its dismissal of the case against the NBP.  I wonder if Glen Fine, the IG, will go the way of Gerald Walpin, who you may recall was dismissed by the Obama administration for investigating  Obama’s buddies at Americorps.

So we have come to this.  The Obama administration is so crippled by its ineptitude that it left with race as the only issue – which is funny, because race is probably the reason the guy got elected in the first place as he was thoroughly lacking in credentials, experience or ideas.

Barack Obama has been terrible for this country on so many levels.  Among them is the fact that he is doing his best to turn a country back to the 1950’s in race relations.

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