Pardon me while I sip my tea (WTF edition)

What a winter! My backyard resembles Aspen with more to come on Wednesday.

What is with this President? Why do I think that instead of getting his arms around what is going on in Egypt, he’s conspiring to figure out a way to blame George Bush for whatever happens. Why do I think I care more about the turmoil than he does? Roger Kimball wrote a great article about Bruce Riedel today – Obama’s new lead advisor on the Middle East. Kimball compares Riedel to Alfred E Neuman because he’s not the least bit worried about the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood are now the good guys, dontcha know?

Sarah Palin is leading this administration around by the nose. Last week Palin named Obama the WTF president. Truer words were never said. Obama parties while Egypt goes from ally to non-ally. Great way to “win the future” Mr. President.

Over at JOM, Ranger thinks Mubarek may have weathered the storm. He’s been pretty much on target since this whole thing began so I take him seriously.

President Obama has notified the press that he wants to be compared to Ronald Reagan. Although the press loves the comparison, the left hates Reagan and the right knows they have nothing in common. So what’s his point? I see nothing Reaganesque about him. But I’m no journo-lister either.

Yesterday on Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace asked John Boehner why he doesn’t quit smoking. John Boehner said (my paraphrasing)- it’s a free country, so bug off. He should have said: “I’m waiting for the president to set an example.”

I’m having lots of computer problems today, so I’m going to publish this while I still can.

Update: Over at the Tatler, Steven Green says Mubarek is toast:

The Egyptian army has said it will not use force against protesters calling for the removal of President Hosni Mubarak ahead of a “million people” march.

The military said it considers the people’s demands “legitimate”.

In other words: “Hey, Hosni? It’s late, we have a big mess to clean up, and everyone else has gone home already. Party’s over, OK?”

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